What is a Gaited Horse?

A horse is said to be "gaited" when they have gaits other than walk, trot, and canter/lope.

Horse breeds with additional gaits include the Tennessee Walking Horse which has a running walk, the American Saddlebred- only some of which are gaited- with its "slow gait" and rack, the Paso Fino horse which can walk, "fino", "corto", "largo", and canter and Icelandic horse which are known for the snappy tölt. Missouri Foxtrotters have a gait called the foxtrot. Some Standardbreds pace instead of trot. Some Bashkir Curlies and Appaloosas have a gait referred to as a "shuffle"

Gaited horses are popular with many trailer riders and riders with back problems. The alternative gaits of a gaited horse tend to be very smooth to ride and are sometimes preferred by those who spend long hours in the saddle.