Horse Training Aids

There are many horse training aids commercially available to help you train your horse. There are tools to keep your horses head down, or to keep your horses head up. Aids to make your horse take long strides, to make your horse take short strides, and aids to make your horse take high strides. Many of these horse training aids are just gadgets: shortcuts that don’t teach anything in the long run. Many times training a aid can be put on a horse and used, and will appear to get results, but as soon as the horse training aid is removed the horse reverts to the original behavior. This is because the horse did not learn anything other than how to submit to the horse training aid. If you are training your horse you should try to avoid horse training aids whenever possible, these horse training aids just become a crutch and do not make up for proper conditioning. To train a horse mens helping the horse understands what and how you want, without forcing them into an aid that gives them no choice but to submit. If you are stuck on a horse training problem, you would probably benefit more from a few sessions with a professional horse trainer than resorting to horse training aids.

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