White Foal Halter

Are you looking for a white foal halter for your foal? White foal halters look stunning on black or dark bay horse foals. White horse halters are preferred for Baroque breeds such as Friesians and young Lipizzans as well as draft breeds such as Rercherons. White foal halters can be difficult to find or expensive to buy for horses and foals. White leather horse halters must be painted not dyed, which contributes to their not lasting long. If you are looking for an economical alternative to a white leather foal halter, consider a white nylon foal halter. Our white nylon foal halters are available in a breakaway style, to keep your foal safe. The advantage nylon white foal halters is that these halters are machine washable and less expensive to use on a growing foal. The white foal halters are made with super-soft white nylon webbing, which is actually much softer than new leather. Our white foal and horse halters are available in all sizes from suckling and weanling to draft and extra-large draft sizes.

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