Horse Trailer Costs

The costs of horse trailers vary greatly depending on what kind of horse trailer you need. Older model stock trailers can be bought as cheaply as $1000, and expensive living quarters style slant load new horse trailers can run upwards of $100,000! Obviously, there are a lot of trailers that fall in between. Unless your horse is extra-large you should be able to easily find an affordably priced horse trailer. The costs of horse trailers varies by what type of trailer you need. For example stock type horse trailers cost less than straight load horse trailers. Horse trailers with dressing rooms usually costs more than horse trailers without dressing rooms. Living quarter horse trailers are always more expensive than horse trailers without living quarters. And horse trailers with open stock-type sides are less expensive than closed horse trailers.

For a decent starter horse trailer, a two horse straight load, you won’t be embarrassed to take to shows, you should plan on anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on your geographic location. Horse trailers generally costs less in the South and Midwest than they do on the East Coast and West Coast. This is because many trailers are manufactured in the Midwest and also because in the agricultural economy of the midwest trailers are more often for sale and less of a commodity. No matter what your budget you can find a horse trailer with the cost that’s right for you.

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