Human Medicine for Asthma Triggered by Horses

Many children and adults suffer from Asthma attacks brought on by petting or even breathing air near a horse. I know because I used to be one. Throughout my childhood and teen years I was in love with horses, but whenever I got within a few feet of a horse, or even walked into an empty horse barn, my lungs would immediately start to constrict and my eyes begin to burn.

I always thought it was so unfair that I liked horses so much and couldn’t even get near one without an asthma attack! No human medicine I tried could make being around horses tolerable. Then one day in a horse magazine I read an article about a rare breed of horse called the American Bashkir Curly. The article said they were hypoallergenic! I was sold!

It took several years before I was financially ready to jump into the endeavor, but when I was ready to take the plunge I located a Bashkir Curly who’s temperament was a good match for me, purchased him, and began riding lessons on him immediately. I knew the minute I wrapped my arms around his neck and burried my face in his furry neck without the slightest allergic reaction that my life was about to change in a big way! Since that day I tell everyone I can about the natural alternative to asthma medications that treat horse allergies. I own several Bashkir Curlies now and ride four or five days a week and never need to take allergy medications to be around them.

So if you have asthma and allergies triggered by horses, this breed might be the solution for you too!

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