Horse Mane Braiding with Beads and Feathers

Braiding your horse’s mane with beads and feathers is not as difficult as you might think. There are no good instructions for braiding a horse’s mane with beads and feathers, it’s all about using your creativity! To braid a horse’s mane with beads and feather, begins first by cleaning and combing the horse’s mane. After the horse’s mane has been combed and it’s clean, began dividing the horses mane into sections to start braiding. Began braiding the mane at the crest of the neck, braiding down several inches at least. Then, with the beads and feathers you have selected, began to feed beads onto the braid. The braid in the horse’s mane should be narrow enough to thread beads onto.

Feathers can be attached using a heavy duty thread or fishing line thread through a hole in the shaft of the feather. Make a hole in the shaft of the feather with an awl or tiny drill bit, then place your string through the feather. This is the best way to make sure the feathers will stay put in the horses mane. Finish the braid in the horses mane with beads completely before adding feathers. Once the braiding is complete and braiding with beads is done you can begin to attach the feathers attached to strings onto the braid. Braiding a horse’s mane with beads and feathers creates a neat native American appearance and is excellent for demonstrations, parades, or costume classes.

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