White Horse Mane

White horse manes are notoriously beautiful but difficult to care for. White horse manes may appear on gray horses, paints or pinto horses, Silver dapple horses, and maximally expressed sabino horses. Caring for a white horse mane can be a challenge, because white horse manes can sometimes turn yellow and are prone to becoming stained. One of the best ways to care for your horse’s white mane is to keep your horse clean and groomed and apply a bluing conditioner. You can make your own bluing conditioner for a white horse mane by adding 1 tablespoon Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing (in the laundry aisle) to a bottle of Eqyss Rehydrant Spray, or a bottle of Infusium Leave in Conditioner. White horse manes and white manes are otherwise care for the same as other color horse manes. White horse manes are stunning in action and in pictures.

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