How to Clean English Riding Boots

Clean riding boots add a smart polish to you appearance at horse shows. English Riding Boots should be carefully taken care of to maintain the correct appearance and help them last. The night before a show, or whenever your boots become dirty, first brush off caked dirt with a stiff brush then wipe off any dust. Use a slightly damp, warm rag to dislodge stubborn dirt. Saddle soap is not recommended for the outside of an english riding boot, as it will dull the shine, but if you are trying to remove horse sweat residue from the inner calf you can use ivory soap or castile soap in that hidden area.

After cleaning use shoe polish or special boot polish to bring out the color and shine on your boots. Do not use conditioners made for saddles or bridle leather on your field or dressage boots, as these types of conditioners will dull boot leather.

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