Static in Horse Tails and Coats

This photo shows the results of static buildup in the tail of a horse on full pasture turnout. Sometimes static electricity can build up in the manes, tails or forelocks of horses during especially dry weather, during weather changes, or when a storm is rolling in. Static electricity in their hair, coat, and tails is nothing to be alarmed about, but if you desire a neater mane you can use a dry sheet (such as bounce, downy, or a store brand) and brush it over the hair that is staticy. Usually this treatment will remove the static electricity from the mane or tail temporarily and allow the hair to tame and lay flat.

An excellent way to prevent static buildup in horse tails is by braiding and bagging the tail. This also helps a tail grow long and stay clean. See our article section for more information on making and attaching your own tail bags.

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