clean horse stall

This photo shows a clean horse stall. Cleaning a horse stall is a very task, and not nearly as dirty as many people expect. To clean a horse stall you just need a few basic tools: a wheelbarrow or large bucket, and a stall fork. (you can get a stall fork at any farm store. Pitchforks and regular shovels can work, but will take much more time and/or waste large amounts of stall bedding)

Begin by removing the horse from the stall, if possible. First remove the visible piles of horse manure to your bucket or wheelbarrow. Then clean the stall by raking the surface of the stall bedding looking for manure which may have been covered up. Sift out any additional manure you find.

The nest step in cleaning a horse stall is exploring for wet spots caused by urine. Bedding is designed to absorb moisture so look for a dense, wet section of bedding. Scoop all bedding into your bucket or wheelbarrow.

After you’ve picked all waste out of the horse stall, haul away the dirty stall bedding to an out of the way location, and if you have removed a siginificant amount of bedding, be sure to add an equal amount of bedding back to the stall. Before you finish cleaning a horse stall, fluff the existing bedding and even out any piles or holes the horse has created and slightly bank the sides of the stall to help keep your horse from laying down too close to the wall.

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