Youth Riding Position when Riding English

When a youth is riding a horse English, the correct position is identical to the correct position of an adult rider riding English. The correct position for youth riding English is not that much different than the correct position for showing Western riding. The rider’s body should form a straight line from the head to through shoulders and down to the back of the rider’s heel. When looking from the side these points should line up. When a youth is riding English, they should focus on sitting tall in the saddle, and not leaning forward. Keeping the thumbs of their hands up, and their shoulders square. A youth riding English riding should concentrate on the keeping their head up and hot leaning forward in the saddle. They should allow their heel to relax down in the stirrup. It is important for youth to have an English saddle that fit therm. Without a well fit saddle it is impossible to maintain a correct position. The correct position is important because it helps to keep a rider centered and safe in the saddle.

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