Win A Horse – ABCR Raffle

Have you ever wanted to win a horse? Winning a horse seems like a far fetched way to acquire a horse, but every year the American Bashkir Curly Registry- breed association for one of the world’s rarest horses, holds a raffle and the winner of the raffle wins a horse!

For a chance to win a horse, you can purchase raffle tickets from an association member. In addition to the chance to win a horse there are many other great horse prizes to win. To win a horse, buy tickets for $5 each or three for $10 and the winner of the horse will be drawn at the breed registry’s convention in late July.

To be notified when tickets to win a horse become available (usually in march of each year) sign up below. Your email address will be kept private and only emailed when tickets to win a horse become available. The selected horse available to win is announced at the same time tickets become available, so check back on this website for more details on a the horse available to win.

Kids and minors are eligible to win a horse, but must purchase tickets through an adult over 21.

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