White Yearling Horse Halter

Are you looking for a white horse halter for your yearling horse? We carry white horse halters for all horse sizes including newborn, suckling, weanling, and cob (two-year-old) horses. White nylon halters are sunning on black and dark bay horses, and are the preferred color for some breeds such as Friesians and some drafts. Our yearling horse halters are great for using on the farm for utility purposes. White leather yearling halters can be expensive, and because white leather is painted, not stained, they are easily marred and discolor. Using white nylon yearling halters has the same striking visual appearance, but is more economical and easier to care for. White nylon yearling halters can be washed in the washing machine as frequently as needed. Our white yearling horse halters are available with a breakaway link or crown; this makes our white nylon horse halters just as safe as leather halters. Our white nylon horse halters are available in all horse sizes from suckling foal to oversize draft.

White Nylon Horse Halter

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