What’s the difference in bike helmets and horse helmets?

There is a big difference between bike helmets and horse riding helmets. A bike helmet is not safe to wear when riding a horse and a bike helmet should never be used as a replacement for an approved equestrian helmet.

Bicycle helmets are designed very differently than horse riding helmet. A horse riding helmet is designed to withstand a fall from a height of 9 or 10 feet, while a bycycle helmet designed for only about 5 feet. Bike crashes and falls from horses are very differnt also.

A bicyclist almost always falls forward, striking the front or top of the head- equestrians are statistically more likely to strike the back of their head or the sides. The differences between bike helmets and horseback riding helmets are significant. Today horse helmets are avaliable in all price ranges and colors and designs.

An affordable approved helmet:

Fun helmet covers for kids!

On of the trendiest helmets:

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