Stirrup Bar and Leathers on Saddle

At the end of the stirrup bar is a lever which can be left open (as shown) or set in the up position For all activities except eventing, fox hunting, and serious endurance riding, the stirrup bar should be left in the down position. Leaving the bar down allows the stirrup leather to detach itself from the stirrup bar in the event a rider falls and is drug by a foot caught in the stirrup. However, extreme jumping and climbs, can cause a stirrup leather to slip off the bar during the normal course of the event so should be set in the upwards position for these activities.

Also under the english saddle’s skirt is a D-ring, where various pieces of auxiliary tack attach, a button, sometimes marked with the saddler’s emblem, and usually a plate identifying the manufacturer. Underneath the skirt of a saddle is the first place to look for a brand name or originating information about a saddle.

 stalls in a center aisle barn

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