Platform Horse Feed

This photo shows Platform Horse Feed in Fori-Flex feed tubs, getting ready for feed time. The feed tub on the left also has a smartpak of Omega Horseshine added to promite healthy skin, hooves, mane, and coat. Horses do better on Platform Horse Feed or any horse feed when fed several small meals a day rather than one large meal. At feed time we seperate our mares to feed Platform Horse Feed to make sure everyone gets the correct serving and also to give us an opportunity to check each horse over for injuries they may have aquired during turnout. This ration of Platform Horse Feed grain, twice a day, coupled with a healthy pasture and appropriate supplelements helps our horses stay healthy and active.

Avoid feeding horses on the bare ground, always use feed tubs or buckets for feeding. Feeding on the ground can lead to horse’s ingesting parasite eggs which then form worms, or ingesting dirt containing sand. Sand in a horse’s digestive tract is a common cause of life threatening colic. Horses will always spill some of their feed and clean the ground nearby, but eating the bulk of their feed out of feed tubs vastly reduces these health risks.

 Platform Horse Feed in Fori-Flex feed tubs

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