Parts of a Pelham Bit

How to buy a Pelham Bit

A pelham bit can be an excellent bit when used with two reins and educated hands. Some pelham bits, however, are much harsher than others. This illustration shows the different parts of the pelham bit and how the reins should be attached. The cheek length of a pelham bit refers to the total length from top ring to bottom ring, the purchase is the part of the cheek length above the mouthpieces. A shorter purchase means the bit is quicker to engage. The bars are the part of the mouthpieces that rests on the horse’s bars in the mouth, and the port, not always present, is the rose between the bars of a solid mouth bit. The shank is potentially the most important part of a pelham bit in evaluating how harsh the curb rein will be. The longer the shank, the harsher the bit. Longer shanks may be more effective on some horses, but longer shanks require much more educated, delicate hands.

 Kimberwick Bit in Horse's Mouth

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