Learn How to Train a Horse

Learning how to train the horse’s not something that can be taught in a class or from a book. Learning how to train a horse takes lots of experience and experimenting. The best way to learn how to train a horse’s to apprentice a horse trainer you respect. To learn how how to train a horse you must have hands-on experience — no class can teach you how to deal with the unexpected! Not every horse learns the same way; frequently different approaches are needed for different horses. If you apprentice an experienced trainer you will learn how to train a horse in a hands-on environment, and may even receive payment for your education instead of having to pay someone else for the experience. Find a local trainer and inquire about working student positions or just a job in the stable. Many times a groom position can elevate you to assistant trainer over a period of time and in the process you will learn how to train a horse.

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