How to Trim and Cut a Horse’s Mane with Scissors

How to Trim and Cut a Horse’s Mane with Scissors

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This illustration shows the correct way to trim a horse mane with scissors.

Traditionally, horses manes are pulled out by the roots to shorten lengths, but for various reasons (an already too-thin mane, for example) pulling may not always be practical. Many horsemen think it is impossible to get a natural loook to a horse’s mane using traiditional scissors. This is a misconception. It is true that it takes a bit more work, but professional results can be attained.

We recommend having a good pair of scissors and a good pair of Thinning Shears when trimming a horse’s mane. Thinning Shears have an interrupted blade, meaning they only cut a fraction of the hairs caught in their blades- this creates a more natural effect.

To trim a mane with scissors, first use traditional scissors to cut a line uniformly across. Make this cut 3-4" below where you would like the mane to end when you are done.

Once the excess horse mane is removed, begin scissoring with the Thinning Shears . This time, instead of cutting across the grain, cut up and down with the grain of the horse’s mane. This will create endings with varying lengths, which will appear neater and more natural. Continue to scissor up the mane with the Thinning Shears until the mane is the length and consistency desired. If the mane is too thick and beginds sticking up, you may need to use another tool. The Solo Comb can help thin the thickness of the mane with no pulling or plucking. A solo comb is a safe alternative to thin a thick mane.

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