How To Teach a Horse to Neck Rein

This article teaches one method of how to teach a horse to neck rein. Teaching a horse how to neck rein is usually easy, but sometimes teaching a horse to neck rein can be difficult with some horses. If you run into problems it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional horse trainer.

Before a horse can be taught to neck rein, it must be taught to direct rein or plow rein in a plain snaffle bit. Be sure an use leg cues as you teach your horse to direct rein, applying pressure with your right leg to turn left, and left leg to turn right. Teaching your horse to move off your body cues is the best way to create a sensitive neck reining horse.

Demonstrations of reining horses moving off the slightest movements are impressive- but most people don’t really 95% of cues between horse and rider are taking place through minor cues in the rider’s seat and legs.

Practice consistently until your horse is turning off leg cues alone. The final step in teaching your horse to neck rein is then associating laying the reins on the neck as a cue to turn. Using a heavy weight rein, to turn right lay the rein on the left side of the horse’s neck, and cue with your left leg. Consistently match neck reining cues with your leg aids and in a short time you will teach your horse to neck rein like a pro.

These were instructions on how to teach a horse to neck rein. Feel free to email us with suggestions of other methods!

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