How Much does a Horse Cost?

To answer the a question of how much a horse costs can be tricky. A horse’s cost can vary greatly, and is determined by that horses breeding, age, training, talent, and even color. If you are learning more about horse prices preparing to buy your first horse, you should look at prices in local classified paper. Costs of horses can very greatly by a region and the local classified paper is a great way to get an idea of the cost of horses in your area.

Generally horses can be found that cost as little as several hundred dollars. However, be warned! You usually get what you pay for! Sane and well-trained horses always cost more than sick, mean, or poorly trained horses. If you are looking at buying your first horse it is much better to save to buy the right horse than try to save money buying a cheap horse and then spend thousands in medical bills if it injures you!

When buying your first horse you should be very careful to find a horse that is well-trained and kind. For your first horse you don’t need anything fancy, but should look for a horse that has been ridden extensively and has experience safely carrying beginner riders. A good way to find your first horse is by going through a local riding stable or trainer. These type of professionals can evaluate the cost you are willing to spend on a horse and help you find a suitable horse for that price.

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