used horse trailer

A horsetrailer can be a big investment and buying a horsetrailer second hand can be a gamble. Use these tips below to help you select the best used horsetrailer for your needs.

1. How you plan to use your horsetrailer will determine what kind of horsetrailer you should look for. Do you plan to make frequent, several mile hauls on backroads or occassional long hauls on the interstate. For short hauls, a cheaper stock type trailer may be appropriate. For longer hauls in road conditions that are more hazardous, an enclosed horserailer is a must.

2. What is the horsetrailer made of? Steel horsetrailers are very sturdy and generally lower priced new or used, but aluminum horsetrailers weigh less, equaling a lower fuel cost per mile. Additionally, aluminum horsetrailers do not rust. When shopping for used horsetrailers, if the trailer is steel you should carefully examine the horsetrailer for signs of rust and deal with them swiftly.

3. Floorboards. Most horsetrailers come with rubber treads on top of thick planks of wood. These pieces of wood, however, can become rotted and create extremely, extremely dangerous situations for your horse. When shopping for a used horsetrailer you should lift the mats to examine the condition of the floor from the top, and also inspect the floorboards from the underneath, where they often become wet and rotten after hauling in wet conditions.


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