Horse Show Survival Kit

Horse Show Survival Kit Don’t get caught without the essentials at your next horse show! When showing horses it is important to be stocked with everything you might need- even the little things. sells a prestocked Horse Show Survival Kit that includes all the small easily forgotten essentials including:

Each kit comes packed in a flat tackle box that will fit under the seat or in the seat pockets of most vehicles.

Includes the following:

Advil 2 packets of 2 tabs each
2 packets of Purell hand sanitizer towelettes
1 packet dose of Imodium
2 one time use packets of SPF 30 Sunscreen
1 packet Benadryl allergy medication.
2 alcohol wipes
3 band aids
2 packets antibiotic cream
2 packets hydrocortisone cream
2 packets Blistex Chapstick 1-time-use
1 .5 oz stick Deodorant
2 packets hand lotion
1 packet facial tissues
1 small sewing kit
1 single serve tube freeze dried coffee
2 individually wrapped dental flossers
2 Shout stain removing wipes

6-9 zip ties (various sizes)
1 retractable knife
1 pen
3 hair elastics
4-6 safety pins
7-10 bobby pins
1 disposable razor
1 hoof pick

6-12 braiding bands in shades of black & brown
1 small carabiner
1 nylon bucket tie (for mounting bucket when hooks aren’t available)
1 travel size lint roller
2 sandwich size zip lock bags

2 EZ Towels
2 tampax tampons

You can make your own horse show survival kit at home, but our Horse Show Survival Kit is attractively packaged and because we purchase in bulk, you can purchase our kit at a significant savings over making your own.

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