Horse Mane Shampoo

There are lots of different theories about the best kind of horse mane shampoo. Some horse owners swear by only a washing their horses mane in shampoo formulated specially for horses, other horse owners say just about any soap will do! There are many shampoos made specifically for horses that claim to do all sorts of things, like make manes grow longer, make it grow bigger, make it flatter, easier to braid, etc. However horse’s mane hair is very similar to our own hair. Horses also have the same pH level in their skin as humans, this means product’s formulated for humans can generally be used on horses without problems as long as the product is rinsed out of the mane completely. One common type of soap which you may already have in your house that works well as a horse mane shampoo is a Ivory Non-Ultra dish soap. Baby shampoo is another alternative that is very gentle on a horse’s mane. Suave products, which can be purchased at the dollar store very inexpensively, are also a good economical choice. What ever type of horse mane shampoo or you use, be sure to rinse the shampoo out of the mane thoroughly. Leaving shampoo residue in a horse’s mane can cause a horse to rub their mane out!

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