Horse Hand Measurement

what is a "hand" measurement? A hand is the unit of measurement used to measure horses. A hand is equal to four inches even. A horse is measured, on level ground, from the ground to the bump that joins the back and the neck (called the withers)

If a horse is said to be 15 hands, that means 15 x 4 = the horse is 60" tall, or 5 feet.

Often you will see height expressed with a decimal point- that a horse is 16.1 or 14.3 the decimal point refers to an extra inch- or three- that don’t even out to a full hand. So a horse that is 14.2 is fourteen and a half hands- 14 hands (56") + 2 inches. It is never correct to say a horse is 15.75 or 15.25 hands, horses height can only be expressed in their measurement divided by four, with the remainder shown behind a decimal point.