Horse Boarding Costs

Horse Boarding Costs

What costs you might encounter when boarding a horse? Many people are curious whether they can afford to board a horse. Boarding a horse can be expensive, and is a must if you do not own your own acreage. Boarding is one of the most expensive parts of horse keeping, but boarding expenses vary greatly from one region to another and by type of care desired.

Boarding stables range greatly in cost. This is because there are many different types of boarding stables, each with different services, clientele, and focus. Some stables focus on boarding show horses and cater to wealthy owners, other stables concentrate on boarding horses for more recreational and novice riders. Still other boarding stables offer services especially for sick horses, or retired horses. At the majority of boarding stables there are usually several tiers of services available. You may be able to elect that your horse be boarded in a stall most of the time, or that your horse stay in a pasture 24/7. The types of care you require and the type of stable you choose make a great difference in the costs of boarding a horse.

As a general ballpark figure, the cost of boarding horses at a show stable can range from $400 a month to $1000 or more. Most average riding stables that focus on the recreational writer who might occasionally show their horse, will have boarding prices in being $300 – $600 range. Often times boarding a horse is significantly more expensive near urban and suburban areas, while boarding in rural areas is much lower in cost.

A good way to save money on horse boarding costs is choosing pasture board for your horse. Most stables with sufficient acreage offer pasture boarding and as an option. Pasture boarding a cheaper alternative for horse boarding, because a pasture boarded horse does not take up space in the stable and does not require labor in stall cleaning. Pasture boarding is also safer for horses, because they are able to move freely as in the wild, breath cleaner air, and are usually just happier. Pasture boarding also good for the horse’s rider. Because the pasture boarded horse is able to move constantly and exercise themselves, the horse has little or no pent up energy when ridden that could manifest in misbehavior otherwise. pasture boarding cost several hundred dollars less per month that stall boarding. Many times pasture board is half the cost of the monthly fee for boarding in a stall.

As stated, the cost of horse boarding can very enormously from one geographic region of the United States to another. The best way to get an idea of the cost of horse boarding in your area is to call several local stables and ask what their horse boarding costs are and what services those costs include. You would be surprised just how reasonable horse boarding can be!

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