Falling off a Horse

Falling off a horse is something every rider does eventually! Most falls off of a horse are minor, the vast majority of falls are simply tumbles off the horse’s back. Many new riders fall when their horse takes a very bumpy step, stops or slows down unexpectedly, goes too fast unexpectedly, or turns too quickly. The unanticipated horse movements frequently cause novice riders to fall out of a horse saddle. More experienced riders fall off less often, this is why the old horsemen say it takes 7 falls to become a real rider!

Falling off a horse is just a part of horse riding. If you are afraid of falling off a horse but still want to ride, be sure and learn to ride responsibly. You can greatly reduce your risk of falling off a horse and being injured by riding in a well run riding lesson program that uses well-trained and experienced horses. In this type of educational environments, every precaution is made to keep a rider safe. Because you will work with an experienced professional who will only let you ride at a level you are ready for, you will less frequently find yourself in a situation to fall off. Beginner safe horses are used to taking care of beginners and won’t make the unexpected movements that cause many novice riders to fall off. This doesn’t mean you’ll never fall off, every one does eventually!

To minimize your risk of injury when falling from a horse always wear a riding helmet! Special riding helmets are made for horseback riders which protect against the particular sort of injury that results from a fall from a horse. You can vastly reduce your chance of injury by using a government approved riding helmet.

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