Curly Horse Stallions for Sale

Curly horse stallions for sale can sometimes be difficult to find. Even though the Bashkir Curly horse is a rare breed, all but the very best stud colt curlies should be gelded. Gelding poor or moderate quality curly stallions helps ensure only the best curly genes are passed. Curly horse stallions come in all colors including pinto, dun, grulla, dilutes, buckskin, palomino, cremello, roan, and man others, but should never be bred on the basis of color alone.

Curly horse stallions are known for being docile and trainable- but are still stallions and can be dangerous when handled by a novice owner. When you find a curly horse stallion for sale, be sure to ask questions about the horse’s previous training. Older stallions who have exclusively pasture bred and never gone through actual training can be extremely difficult to retrain. If shows, parades, and stallion demos are in your plans, you might be better off looking for a promising young Bashkir Curly stud prospect for sale and starting his training early.

Here are a few books we recommend that can help you evaluate a stallion conformationally and mentally, and get a start on successful breeding management.