Cost of Fencing an Area for a Horse

The expenses involved in fencing an area for a horse, such as a pasture, pen, or paddock, vary greatly depending on the size of area and type of fencing. The cheapest way to fence an area for a horse is electric fencing. You can get a temporary set up for a quarter acre for under $200 if you go with electric fencing. Other types of fencing can cost up to $10 a foot! But there are many types of horse fence that costs in price ranges in between. If you plan to fence the area by yourself you should plan to spend $300 for 1 acre if using electric fence. This includes the costs of an electric charger. Each additional acre costs less, because of shared boundaries, and only needing one charger for a large area. The costs of fencing an area for horse vary greatly, the best way to get an accurate price estimate is to call a local fencing company to come to do an official estimate.

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