Correct Canter Position?

The correct position for riding a canter can be difficult to pick up right away, but once a correct position is adopted, sitting and riding the canter becomes significantly easier. Below are a few hints and tips regarding the correct position at canter.

The secret to riding a cant is to relax – particularly to relax your back muscles. Let you body swing just slightly in rythm with your horse. keep your elbows flexible, letting your handsk and reins follow the forward and backward motion of your horses head.

The correct canter position remains basically the same as a correct position in general. Western or english, the rider’s position should remain relaxed and upright. Resist the temptation to lean forward or brace your legs, as this will pull your body out of the saddle. Instead relax and drape your legs around your horse, your heel position should create a straight line through your hips, shoulders, and head.

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