Regaining Confidence after a Fall from a Horse

Regaining Confidence after a Fall from a Horse I suffered a real blow to my confidence after a fall early last summer. It took about a month of private lessons a few times a week to really relax, find my seat, and get back to where I was before. I don’t know how I would have handled it if I was on my own.

I can say that what worked for me was just time in the saddle- time doing stuff that was comfortable and not being pushed right away. I was so tense and protectively positioning myself that it actually hurt to ride- spending time in the saddle and then having someone point out where my position was tense helped.

My horse was more spooky during this time too- and although I was bad at it, my trainer told me to just fake it. They really do pick up on us.

If you’ve lost confidence after a fall from a horse, one of the best things you can do is just to spend time with your horse doing all you are comfortable with. If you are comfortable at a walk around the pasture, and can ride her confidently, that’s better and more healing for both of you than doing something you are uncomfortable with and passing that anxiety on to your horse.

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