Breakaway Nylon Halters for Horses

Breakaway nylon halters are a great way to take advantage of the benefits of leather halters and the benefits of nylon halters. Leather has long been used for horse halters because of its attractiveness and because if a horse is trapped, a leather halter will break and release the horse from becoming injured. However, leather halters are not available in many colors, and may not last as long as other halter types. A breakaway nylon halter takes the benefits of both nylon and leather halters and combines them into one halter.

A breakaway nylon halter is a nylon horse halter with colored nylon over the nose, cheek pieces, and throat latch, but the crown, or part of the crown, is made of leather which will release if the horse’s halter is under extreme pressure.

We carry many different types of breakaway nylon halters for horses. Our breakaway nylon halters for horses are made of all nylon and except for a small piece linking the buckle to the cheek piece. This allows the halter to be completely breakaway, but the halter looks all nylon. By special order, our breakaway nylon halters are available with a full leather crownpiece instead. We also offer replacement leather crown pieces for breakaway nylon horse halters.

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