What do Botts eggs Look Like on a Horse


What do bott eggs look like on a horse? Bot eggs look like small yellow specks on your horses coat. Bot flies usually lay their bott eggs on the inside of horse’s legs, but the small yellow bot eggs can show up anywhere on a horses body. Typically, bot eggs are layed in clusters, as shown, but may be more spread out.

It’s a good idea once you know what bott eggs look like on a horse, to remove them if you see them. The best tool to remove bott eggs from a horse are used "horse shave" horse-safe razors, available at most tack stores. If a Horse Shave razor is not available, a grooming stone os specially made knife also will work. Even if you diligently clean bot eggs off your body you should worm with a full spectrum wormer regularly to kill any bot eggs ingested.

The photo below shows what bot eggs look like on a typical horse.

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