Best Horse Shedding Tool


Best Horse Shedding Tool

If you want to know about shedding tools, ask a Bashkir Curly owner! Bashkir Curlies seem to have denser coats thank other horses, and when they shed for the spring, they actually shed heavily enough that their hair can be collected in bags and spun into yarn! So on our farm full of curlies, we’ve put every shedding tool to the test!

This photo shows one of what we think are the best horse shedding tools. This photo is of a Unigroom Curry Brush, still rolling about about 5 years of solid use. The Unigroom Shedding Curry works so well it actually gathers patties of hair when worked in a rapid circular motion. Because the curry is a bit gummy, instead of other shedding curries that are rigid, it seems to grasp and pull out shedding hairs, helping our horses shed faster and with less mess.

Another of what we consider to be the best horse shedding tools are Retractable Curry Brushes. A little expensive initially, this brush definitely earns it’s keep during shedding season and all year round. We even use it on our shedding dogs! The Retractable Curry Shedding Tool has a brush pad that collects hair like a deep curry comb, but a one handed twist automatically clears the brush head, and a quick twist back brings the pad back to the surface and in just a second or two you can be back to currying more shedding hair out. This brush is definitely a time saver during shedding season. shedding_horse

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