What are the Parts of a Horse Bridle?

It is easy and important to learn the part of a horse bridle if you are horse owner or horse rider. Knowing the parts of a bridle is important, it helps you describe problems, understand what your instructor or trainer is telling you, or put together and take apart a horse bridle. The parts of a horse bridle are labeled on the image below. The parts of a horse bridle included cheek pieces, crownpiece, cavesson, noseband, throatlatch, keepers, reins, and bit. These pieces may look different from the graphic below but in general the parts of a horse bridle, though designed with variation, serve the same purpose. The most frequently varied part of an english riding bridle is the noseband. There are many variations of nosebands including the dropped noseband, plain snaffle noseband (shown), flash noseband, and crank noseband.

parts of a horse bridle

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