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Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body

Unfortunately these have been discontinued. We have a few as listed in stock and will not be able to backorder.
When Pony Paints just aren't enough, try our dyes designed for use specifically on sensitive animal skin!

Quickly dyes naturally light colored manes, tails, or bodies bright, bold colors! For darker horses, "tuxedo black" can sharpen the appearance of a sun bleached coat (check association rules before dying in preparation for a show!)

Colors include Twilight Yellow, Screaming Pink, Monster green, Shocking Orange, Midnight Blue, Magic Purple, Wicked Red, and Tuxedo Black.

Completely nontoxic, CTFA-approved, and semi-permanent (lasts 4 to 6 washes).

Each jar contains 4 oz of a no-run, easy to apply gel.This dye is packaged for use on dogs but is safe for on horses and cats.

Please note that we cannot provide any customer service regarding how much dye you'll need for your project. Like humans, animal's hair types vary by genetics and individual. The amount needed will also vary by 1. the intensity of color desired 2. the pigment of the underlying hair and 3. The surface area being covered. If needed for an event we suggest ordering one tub and testing coverage well before the event.
Price: $18.80
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Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body
Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body
Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body
Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body
Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body
Horse-Safe Dye for Manes, Tails, and Body
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Product Details

To use: Wear protective gloves to prevent staining of skin. Test on a small patch before proceeding. Shampoo the animal, then apply to wet fur or hair and leave on for 15 minutes (more time increases color intensity). Rinse and dry coat. Note: for coloring limited areas, such as ears or tail, you may apply to dry fur. Results may vary, depending on application strength and individual pets coat.

For manes and tails we recommend the following tips:
1. Apply a thick coat of coat conditioner to hair under mane or on hocks, then lay plastic wrap over areas you want to remain uncolored.
2. Section by section, slightly dampen hair with a spray bottle of water, and work dye through with gloved fingers, being careful to use only as much dye is needed for coverage.
3. Carefully, bag tail or locks of mane into plastic bags and tie loosely. This will prevent dripping or switching onto uncolored fur. Wait about 15 minutes. 4. Working quickly, rinse each section thoroughly. Shampoo neck or hocks to remove excess conditioner and any errant dye.

Ingredients: Purified water, CTFA*-approved dyes and pigments, cellulose thickener, glycerine and preservative.

CAUTION: Do not ingest, or allow pets to lick or ingest. Do not use on pets that have sensitive, irritated, or damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth; if contact occurs, flush with a large amount of water for 15 minutes, and consult a veterinarian if irritation occurs and persists.

WARNINGS: Although this produce is nontoxic and CTFA approved, in rare cases it may potentially cause allergic reactions, pain, or itching—if any of these occur, discontinue use immediately, rinse, and consult a veterinarian.

Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat.
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